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THINGSText: Hanae kawai

Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook 2014/2015 will be released. You can see, on the book, designers and their products awarded Red Dot Design Award: Design Concept. Red Dot Award founded in 1955, German is one of the most prestigious industrial design award in the world.

Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook 2014/2015

The judgment is separated into three fields, and Design Concept is one of them. In this field, literally the concept is the most important, and also creative expressions are needed.

“The Copenhagen Wheel” of Red Dot Luminary / Superpedestrian Inc., SENSEable City Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This year, a new styled bicycle wheel, “The Copenhagen Wheel”, designed by Superpedestrian Inc. was awarded Red Dot: Luminary, which is conferred on the best design. Based on current environmental and social issues, it’s not only a green product, but also its function as a vehicle is so efficient. The design itself is very beautiful, but the fundamental idea is also attractive.

“Gentolet” of Public Space / CHEN shih-Sheng and LAI lu-Ru, Taiwan, R.O.C

Like this, you can see many products which the beauty of design and function harmonize each other, such as a generator working without disturbing an environment and scenery and a stylish lighting made of recycled goods. Also, one of the notable characteristics of this discipline is to find many young talents and evaluate them. In fact, young college students won prizes this year. Please check their remarkable concept-making. I believe their great creative thinking will lead the design industry to the bright future.


Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook 2014/2015
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Text: Hanae kawai

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