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HAPPENINGText: Taketo Oguchi

“Miwonderland 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015 in Ezo

Rising Sun Rock Festival (RSR) celebrated its 17th year as one of Japan’s leading music festivals. Clark Gallery+SHIFT were in charge of the creative direction of its official make up booth “MiwonderLand,” a set feature in the summertime of Hokkaido. This was the 3rd time that we participated in RSR.

“Miwonderland 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015 in Ezo

“MiwonderLand” is a booth produced by the make smile artist Miwonderful, Miwa Yokoyama, she creates an open space production with various gimmicks as part of her concept of “Miwonderful which jumped out of the world of the mirror.” Besides face-paint, head accessories and make-up for festivals, it’s possible to enjoy live performances and art works by local artists.

“Miwonderland 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015 in Ezo

Now, make-up is indispensable to a music festival. There is a lot of demand for people wanting to fix hair and make-up or just wanting make up for their faces. The booth was popular and had long queues all the time full of people wanting to have make-up like the professional artists on stage. The relationship between make-up and music is strong; we aimed to create a space where people could enjoy make-up at a music festival as entertainment, by fusing dance and art.

“Miwonderland 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015 in Ezo, “MakeUp Show” with Yuko Nanbu
, Kengobeets and PartyDolls

In the 1st year we appointed “Qrion” as a track maker and “PartyDolls” as a dance unit, in the 2nd year (theme: Prism) “Parkgolf” was the track maker and “kaitenkururin,” a unit of idols, performed as pole dancers, and this time at our 3rd event the “PartyDolls” performed again alongside “jealousguy” a track maker, and Takuya Yonezawa who is a Teshiocho-based young talented painter.

“Miwonderland 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015 in Ezo, Live Painting by Takuya Yonezawa

Yonezawa Takuya had been drawing the painting of a huge picture book up until last year, but this year he performed a live painting on stage which seemed like a huge book and it really grabbed the eye of visitors. As this year’s theme is “LOVE,” he studded various fashion items onto a heart-shaped space. He continued to paint most of the time during the two days, but he also entertained visitors who came to the booth with constant conversations as he was unweariedly kind.

“Miwonderland 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015 in Ezo, “Special Live” by Jealousguy and PartyDolls

In the evening there was a special live performance by “jealousguy” a Niseko-based track maker, on stage in Miwonderland. She has just released her first nationally distributed album “OVERSHADOWED” in 2015, but she has also had a large number of live performances in her hometown Niseko, which has its own high reputation for her music and for live performances which are a mix of electronica and Hip Hop. Her great live performances, with music from her new album, have attracted a lot of visitors.

“Miwonderland 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015 in Ezo

RSR is a music festival that we can recognize as being about the involvement of a variety of culture such as food, art, dance and make-up, but in each other they are closely linked through music. We appreciated all of the visitors who come to the booth. I would like to also personally thank Mr. Wakabayashi, one of the festival’s organizers and producers who gave us such an amazing opportunity. See you next year!

“MiwonderLand 2015” in Rising Sun Rock Festival

Date: August 14th – the dawn of the 16th, 2015

Place: RSR “Earth tent area”(Tarukawa Wharf of Ishikari Bay New Port)

Address: 5-chome, Zenibako, Otaru, Hokkaido

Production: ThanksGiving Inc,.
Creative direction: Taketo Oguchi (Clark Gallery+SHIFT)

Make Up: Miwonderful (Miwa Yokoyama)
Hair Make Up: Nasu Yoshihiro, Kouki Kanno, Asuka Matsumoto, kazuki Kumashima, Satoshi Kimura

Face paint: Chai Kinpira
Cheer girl: Yuka Atsuta
Model: Yuko Nanbu

Visual & Live painting: Takuya Yonezawa

Special Live Guest: jealousguy
MakeUp Show Guest: Kengobeets
MakeUp Show Performance: PartyDolls
Special Thanks: Prism, EK, Kentaro Takada, Pachin

Text: Taketo Oguchi
Translation: Aya Shomura
Photos: EK

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