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Côme Éditions is a Parisian ethical and ecological fashion brand launched by Clemence and Mathieu, a sibling duo, in 2015. It is a brand that well-known to worldwide customers from 20s to 70s who are sensitive to fashion. The brand’s name “Éditions” comes from the style they are questioning from the collection every season. Rather than that, they chose to create “editions” at their own pace. We interviewed with Clemence.

Clémence & Matthieu © Côme

How did you start Côme Éditions?

After having studied Design, Pattern Making and Fashion Business in Paris, I learned about Brand Management in Italy. When I graduated from school, my brother Mathieu also finished his school of Business Management at the same time. Then, we decided to create a fashion brand together. Mathieu is responsible for management and logistics and I am in charge of design and communication.

Photo: Wakana Kawahito

You have never worked for fashion industries. Weren’t you scared about starting up an own company right after graduation?

Although I did an internship, I had no other experiences in fashion industries. However, I always thought that I should try own project in my 20’s. It would be less complicated when we are still young. After that, it would be difficult to take a risk. That’s why I started up my company. At the beginning, we created our brand with only five items. we started small and gradually expanded.

0010 Fleur Bleue Edition © Côme

How often are you making your clothes?

Our brand does not create the collection according to the existing fashion calendars such as Paris Collection. For that reason, it is called “Editions” as like brand name. We do not follow the trend or any specific seasons, which means we launch new editions when it is ready. The way of the majority of fashion brand as making and selling in large quantities does not fit to our philosophy. On the contrary, we want to make the working environment better and maintain the wage of partnered companies fair. Also, we aim to create products that can be used for a long time, using the most environmentally friendly materials.

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