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Cheapo Watches Fall 2012

Since the early stages of last century, Sweden had in mind the idea of democracy for design, a vary offer accessible to everyone. The so-called Swedish model, where everyone has its right to design and functionality regardless any social status. Well, arguably this is the foundation for the success of the Scandinavian-driven brands. In the very beginning of such valuation, we find the Swedish accessory brand Cheapo, which concept is focusing in successful quick selling accessories to develop on-trend items that offer the highest value for money. In other words, affordable-to-update-on-every-season good looking designs. The brand has built a recognizable profile, which is a classic in its hometown Stockholm. The new watches collection Fall 2012 brings the spirit of the classic upon a modern style of living, a mixture of classic gentlemen and women watch with a modern twist. We can catalogue it as a new classic collection.

Cheapo Watches Fall 2012

The collection features the model Harold, which is available for both men and women. It is preppy style, which is combinable with genuine leather bracelets and nylon with different color stripes. The watch-face keeps a certain minimalistic vibe, which in combination of the classic tone, results of a unique blend of characters.

Andrew is the most adventure version for the Fall Collection. A watch-face design in silver combined in dark and light brown genuine leather bracelet.

Cheapo Watches Fall 2012Cheapo Watches Fall 2012

The Steel Collection features Roger, gold and silver, with high quality stainless steel and genuine leather bracelets. A very good looking watch, in very reasonable prices.

The collection is enhanced with Cheapo’s Universal Collection, which rescues a few best sellers from last season, including Kim, a classic necklace watch of minimalistic style inspired in Flavor Flab of Public Enemy.

Cheapo Watches
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Text: Victor Moreno

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