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The 5th Berlin Biennale Biennale entitled “When things cast no shadow” begun on the 5th, April 2008. 5th Berlin BiennaleThis time the biennale was organized by the great young curator Adam Szymczyk and his partner Elena Filipovic. According to them, this is the biennale by young artists. In it, they compare places and conceptually stay away from the set terms connected exclusively to Berlin. Excluding Monday, the Biennale consists of exhibitions and sessions during the day and events at night.

5th Berlin Biennale

Let’s look at the daytime exhibitions. This time 50 artists show their work at sites divided into 4 sections.

KW has become emblematic of the art scene in Berlin as a place revealing great exhibitions despite having no collection of its own. It is also the starting point from which to buy tickets for this biennale.

5th Berlin Biennale
Body-Garden, Desperado, Eureko, Magneto, Muse-One, Pianola, Urbanus, Cezary Bodzianowski, 2008

On entering the site, you notice the town map of Berlin and some monitors on the wall next to the ticket sales office. Bodzianowski Cezary exhibits a video of his performances on the street associated with the map.

5th Berlin Biennale
Ground Control, Ahmet Ogut, 2007/2008

Announcing yourself at the front desk and walking into the back, you look at a large empty hall. The hall seems at a strategic place for those who are familiar with the usual exhibitions of KW; the empty space is neither more nor less than disappointing, while on entering the space, you find yourself overshadowed by splattering lights. Then you find the caption of Ahmet Ögüt saying “400 spm”. It generally seems that the work was inspired by the title of this biennale.

5th Berlin Biennale
Soft City, Pushwagner, 1969–75

Through this large hall, on the side of the aboveground floor are impressive works: Pushwagner’s (the Norwegian comic artist in 70s) original drawing making a caricature of spectacle society, and the movie of Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys.

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