HAPPENINGText: Irene Serpa

I need to go upstairs… the game just started and I need some fresh air… get another drink and go.

Upstairs the people are more relaxed, sitting around everywhere and eating fresh Mexican food… the game is taking all attention… but there are still spaces at the terrace where to sit down and look at all the presents I got.

I go to the bar and I get introduced to Segismundo, the owner of KBB. He is working behing the bar, serving drinks and controlling… he looks happy… actually everybody at this event looks happy… very relaxed and very happy… so I decide to relax and to smile too.

I go down to check how the exhibition is going and I find a very joyful crowd… the event is getting more crowded than before, and it is not even midnight. Music is a little louder and beers have run out… fun is in the air.

Germany loses against Italy in the last minutes and sun starts going down in Barcelona. I stay until late in the terrace looking at the skyline of Barcelona and having one more drink. This city at this time and from this privileged spot is unbeatable. This is a gift. Impossible not to love Barcelona. ROJO® does it again. Keep it up.

Date: July 4th, 2006
Place: KBB gallery
Address: 24 Joaqu’n Costa, El Raval, Barcelona

Text: Irene Serpa
Photos: Courtesy of ROJO®

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