HAPPENINGText: Ayako Yamamoto

Another Japanese artist Kenichiro Taniguchi named the parts which peeled off the paints and the broken tiles “Hekomi (hollow)”, traced them and then represented those shapes with PP and stainless steel. He tried to find the “Hekomi” at the hall, Altna and creates a map. A map, not for travelers and cars but for Hekomi.

Kenichiro Taniguchi “Hekomi (hollow)”

At opening time the space of 3000 m2 gave me a desolate feeling, but after 2 weeks since the opening the space became lively and each work got better and better.

One of the organizers Kim smiled and told me “it was great to have created the space by seeing new people and having a conversation with artists from all over the world and sometimes even get help by the local homeless people.” Besides I could see that stuff and also artists have been enjoying this event for the 2 weeks, the lively atmosphere communicates itself to the attendees.

One architecture student from Hamburg with his friends said, “this is first time for us to come to this event. It was good, not just watching but experiencing art in a different way than what we see at museums. We can also be relaxed by having coffee. I cannot wait to see how this hall will change by the end.”

DING DONG! is known as the art festival which involved the local area and amused the young and old. We cannot help coming back over the two weeks. Recently we might often hear this type of area participation art project. This event was a little bit different from the ones which restrict the age and clienteles, and the mixture of the business promotions and art made for both the young and old to enjoy.

Participating artists: Anna Belle Jons, Anneli Schutz, Carsten Robe, Eva Sauer, F18 Institut, FMSW, Georg Kuhn, Hartmut Gerbsch, Hux’l XL, Josephin Bottger & Peter Afken, Karsten Bott, Kai Mullenhoff, Kenichiro Taniguchi, Makie Mia Hohne, Messieurs Delmotte, Moki, Neasden Control Centre, Nevan Lahart, Nina Braun, Nomad & Miss Riel, Rupprecht Matthies & Ana Lopez, Sean Rooney, Shiro Masuyama, Stephan Marx, Thomas Markus Schumann, Thorten Passfeld, Tillmann Terbuyken & Thomas Baldschwyler, Tim John, Pia Kuhlemann, Vanessa Muller, Wanja Schaub, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, 56K, Susanne Bartsch, Kathein Hoesch, Vanessa Muller

DING DONG! Art festival 2006
Date: April 6th – 28th, 2006
Place: Kaffeekranzchen&Hausfriedensbruch
Address: 172-178 Grosse Bergstrasse, 22767 Hamburg

Text: Ayako Yamamoto
Translation: Yukino Kotake
Photos: Ayako Yamamoto

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