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PLACEText: Chris Lee

If you have not seen In Sa Dong, you have not seen Korea…, Discover the spirit of ancient Korea.

Located in the heart of Seoul, In Sa Dong has witnessed the historical moments along side with Korean citizens, Visit the historical spots in In Sa Dong full of traces of Korean ancestors in the middle of contemporary surroundings, and you may feel friendly about In Sa Dong.

In Sa Dong, in some sense, represents the cross road of the old and the new of Korea. The lives of the old is alive in fragments in the antique furniture, China, sundry things that await the prying eyes that anc appreciate them as such. What remains from the lives before, what maybe is disappearing in the frenzy of modernity is lurking hidden not by its own choice but by the eyes of many beholders.

The galleries, the traditional tea houses, the antique shops, and the calligraphy shops provide the urbanites with a little world of wonders where life can be a little more down-to-earth and the little world that seems disappearing.

Text: Chris Lee
Photos: Chris Lee

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