PEOPLEText: Sayaka Hirakawa

“I should have bought that one.” We must have many of these feelings of regret for not buying something at “that time” and at “that place”. In my case, the item is a bright colored cotton skirt with two cats printed on it by a fashion designer duo, Antoni & Alison. I can still tell you how those cats were looking at me directly from inside the basket! Now Antoni & Alison are having a photo exhibition at there work place in Southwalk. I’m sure not going to miss this opportunity!

Antoni & Alison both studied at St Martin’s, Fine Art, Fashion and textiles. Since then, they have worked together as a fashion design duo and artists. They are also self-learned photographers and especially like to use day light. The house of Mr.&Mrs. Antoni & Alison introduce their works from the past 10 years.

The trier 1820s premises has four floors which has antique furniture from markets and car boot sales, a chair from The Beatles’ dressing room of the ABC theater. All of this makes the place look very cozy. Something being loved must have it’s own history. Some of their works may get inspiration from those kinds of thing. Actually, Antoni & Alison ’06 spring/summer collection was based on the period in which the house was built, the 1820s.

A spangled sausage, biscuit on vintage fabric, the first brick used to renovate the house wrapped in a big pink ribbon, a fried egg next to Veronica Lake, half bitten sandwiches on the master piece. These pictures sometimes make us smile, sometimes make us feel weird. Regardless, we can feel they are things they love and things that are important to them. You can tell from how these pictures work with the space filled with things they love. It looks like they are keeping the trier with special feelings and moments in these pictures, that’s why all the images look very positive as if putting precious things in a jewelry box. It’s such a lovely way to take and exhibit pictures.

The house of Mr. &Mrs. Antoni & Alison
Address: 80 Southwark Bridge Rd. SE1 0AS London

Text: Sayaka Hirakawa
Photos: Sayaka Hirakawa

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