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Sophie van der Perre is a young an energetic photographer who lives in Amsterdam. She was born in a very small village in Belgium, and moved to the big city 6 years ago, at the age of 19. Maybe Sophie´s roots are the ones that make her create uncomparable compositions with girls and nature, in which everything seems to be floating over the land of romanticism. Nowadays she is giving her first steps into the world of fashion photography, let´s wait and see how wonderful her next pictures would be.

Sophie van der Perre

Can you tell us about what you have been doing lately?

Lately I’ve been concentrating on fashion. I was always somewhere in between, and now I’ve been working on translating my work into more fashion orientated. Working with young fashion designers and stylists.

© Sophie van der Perre

What do you like most about photography?

Photography sets me free. I love to show pureness and emotion in my work, and I also admire that in other peoples work. I love to work with color and nature, and beautiful old houses. What I love in photography is that you can put a feeling in it, a feeling you won’t forget. A feeling that describes a moment, and that the viewer can create his own story with that image.

© Sophie van der Perre

Did you study art or photography?

I went to photography school, but I didn’t finish. I was doing very well, but suddenly felt the urge to travel and see the world. And discover my point of view, in photography. After my travels everything went really fast and I did a lot of exhibitions. By the time school started again, I could do an internship with Ryan Mcginley in NY. So I had the choice to go back to school or do the internship. I chose the last.

© Sophie van der Perre

How was the experience of working with Ryan Mcginley?

It was really nice. New York was amazing. I met a lot of inspiring people who were working with Ryan as well. He’s got an amazing team of young creative people. Ryan himself is also very lovely, he’s so inspiring. He came to Amsterdam for his exhibition opening and photographed some of my friends. It was a once in a life time experience to see how he works.

© Sophie van der Perre

Your photographs seem to reveal a private world in a very delicate way, how does the shooting series happen? How is your dynamic of work?

It can go two ways. Either I’m shooting with my friends, and we just take a bunch of clothing and start shooting and just have fun. Or I’m working with a team, with a stylist and real models and everything is very prepared. I always want to see the location first, but most of it just happens on set.

© Sophie van der Perre

Please tell me what things call your attention when you photograph.

The combination of the persons personality with the environment. How the person moves, the colors. It’s a feeling I guess.

© Sophie van der Perre

If you would have to chose one of your pictures to resume your work, which one would be? (Can you please describe it?)

I love this picture. I think it describes my work the most. It feels very free, young and reckless.

© Sophie van der Perre

Have your style to do photographs changed during the years?

Yes I think my style changed. It’s better to see for others though. I hope you can see I’ve grown. I feel like I’ve grown.

What motivates you to be a Photographer?

I think you have to motivate yourself. It’s not always easy. Photography became very accessible due to digital photography. It motivates me as well that people like what I’m doing. It gives me the power to go on. That I have the chance to exhibit my work, has always been my dream.

Which are your projects for your near future?

I’m working on some new shoots with designers and preparing some exhibitions later this year in Rome and Paris.

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Visit Amsterdam, it’s a lovely city!

Text: Celeste Najt

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