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THINGSText: Christina Merl

PAD stands for ‘Pure Austrian Design‘ or 342 pages of finest Austrian design with a focus on indoor and outdoor furniture and lighting. In their recently published book, Julia Taubinger and Andres Fredes from Juland aim to provide insights into industrial design in Austria.

As a special feature, the book contains an Audio CD where Austrian DJs, in an attempt to present Austrian club music to the world, expose their attitudes towards culture and design.

Juland’s mission is to develop cutting edge projects in the architectural, publishing, design and event sector. With PAD, they have made a clear step in this direction. Their book should draw readers’ attention to fresh local designers, demonstrating how design reflects social developments in Austria. Further, new trends and developments, with a special focus on Austrian design, are discussed.

In addition to the book presentation in the Kunsthalle building a design exhibition, a panel discussion about new challenges faced by young designers in a globalised economy, and a clubbing event in Vienna’s Passage took place in the framework of the so called “PAD days” programme.

Pure Austrian Design
Address: 14-16 Bergsteiggasse, 1170 Wien
Tel: +43 1 407 5968

Text: Christina Merl
Photos: Photos: Courtesy of Pure Austrian Design

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