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PEOPLEText: Yurie Hatano

Are there any differences between designing for music industry and other works?

It isn’t really the industry that makes the difference. It is the target you have and the media you use. Some of our Record Sleves could have been a Corporate Designs and some of the Corporate Designs could have been Record Sleeves. We have the same design approach on both.

What is the concept of your new Hort book will be relaesed from Die Gestalten?

We wanted to present the best recordsleeves we did, but also show the ideas behind and how they could have been developed further. If you look at the book you will find in the beginning of every project a double page with a picture of the items we produced. This page, we call it the divider page, is followed by three double pages on which we reanimate and evolve the visual idea behind the original record sleeves. Like this we make sure that the people that are buying that book will find their favourites, but aswell lots of new work we only did for that book.

What do you think of current designing situation in Germany?

We might be mistaken, but we do not see too many interesting things happening in Germany. Germans shouldn’t be so afraid of being unprofessional. They should have more balls to fight for their unconventional ideas. There is nothing worst than being boring or bore someone else.

Please tell us about the concept of the cover design for this Shift edition.

We are not really into programming, but we wanted to make something small and sweet that doesn’t need any programming, but is still interesting enough to watch. And then by coincidence we still had these letters hanging in our storage room, because initially it should have been the cover for our book. So, we just used them and turned them into the Shift cover. We really like it and hope that it is not disturbing to you that we told you the truth.

What would you like to challenge in the future?

We deserve a good sleep at a sunny beach after the book is published. Have a good sleep at a sunny beach!

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Text: Yurie Hatano

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