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Basis FrankfurtBasis Frankfurt
basis Elbestrasse. Photo: Jakob Sturm

Located near the Schauspielhaus (theatre) in the city center “basis” is a not-for-profit cultural institution in Frankfurt am Main. “basis” is not only a curated exhibition space, it also provides studios for young artists and designers who are currently starting their career.
Basis Frankfurt
basis Main building at Gutleutstrasse. Photo: Cem Yücetas

The basis exhibition spaces are located in the main building of “basis” on the ground floor and provide approx. 350 qm of exhibition space. They are open for public visitors from Tuesday to Friday and Saturday and after appointment. Check out the website for further information.

Basis Frankfurt

Exhibition View of “Dies alles, Herzchen, hat einmal und gehoert” by Wiebke Grösch and Frank Metzger

Felix Ruhöfer and Jakob Sturm are the founders and curators of basis – their exhibitions which highlight the critical potentials of art for a reflection of our social, cultural and political life today – presented artists like Wiebke Groesch and Frank Metzger, Johanna Billing and the students of Simon Starling amongst others. They focus on presenting young, upcoming international art which is presented in solo shows and thematic group exhibitions.

Basis Frankfurt
Exhibition View of Nayon Lee, Ulrich Becker and Nashun Nashunbatu

The upper floors of the building and the second building round the corner are used as studios for young creative professionals from all disciplines, including visual art, design, architecture, literature and urban planning. Once a year basis is having its summershow and the Open Studios days where its possible to have a look inside the studios and have a chat with the people working there.

basis Frankfurt
Main Building and Exhibition Space
Address: Gutleutstrasse 8-12, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
basis Frankfurt Elbestrasse
Address: Elbestrasse 10 HH, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Text: Catrin Altenbreandt from Pixelgarten

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