THINGSText: Matt Smith

Bridge Magazine is an independent journal covering just about everything – literature, visual art, music, even philosopher Charles Taylor’s ‘the end of mediational epistemology’. Published triannually, the quality of its content is uneven but appears to be getting a little better with each issue.

Issue 5 includes an interview with long-time rock critic Greil Marcus and poetry by veteran poet Robert Creely. But it also includes a lethargic project by artist Joel Ross and an interview with artists Peregrine Honig and Sharon Shapiro both of whom make paintings characterized by a depressingly onanistic inertia.

With Bridge 6 due out in March, publisher and editor-in-chief Michael Workman and art director Marie Walz have moved the Bridge offices into a gallery space they will share with 1R gallery. Close association with an organization dedicated to visual art indicates potential for improved editorial content at Bridge as well as increased exposure for 1R artists, most of whom are at the beginning of their own careers.

1R gallery’s current show, Subtle, not so subtle, features work by Joell Baxter, Paul Dickinson, Paul Melvin Hopkin, John Neff, Kathy Richland, Amanda Ross-Ho, Sterling Ruby & Aaron Van Dyke.

Subtle, not so subtle
Curated by Kirsten Stoltmann and Mark Alcazar Diaz
Date: February 7th – March 15th, 2003
Place: 1R Gallery

Text: Matt Smith
Photos: Courtesy of Bridge Magazine

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