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PEOPLEText: Mayumi Kaneko

IdN is a digital design magazine from Hong Kong. It focuses covers the range of creativity from graphic design to motion graphics mainly on the web. It has gained a great reputation from creators in the world. Each issue features a cover design by an up-and-coming designer. It’s published bi-monthly and full of designers’ artwork and information. IdN is a high-quality design magazine both in contents and design.

The mirror interview with Shift is also featured in the IdN September issue. Be sure to check it out.

First of all, please introduce yourself.

Victor Cheung: Hi, I am Victor Cheung, the Creative Director of IdN.
Chloe Tang: Chloe, the Assistant Editor of IdN magazine and I’m the only girl in the design and editorial department.
Bryan Leung: Bryan, Designer in IdN.
Francis Lam: Francis Lam. Web Designer.
SK Lam: Hi dude, SK Lam – the General Manager of IdN.

What would you do if you did not do IdN Magazine?

V: I think I would be doing something with the mouse yet…
C: Maybe a magazine more rather than the only girl in the design and editorial department.
B: Something also related to creativity.
F: I’d probably try to do some of my own works.
S: Keep travelling.. and eating.. then lose weight.. then keep travelling, eating again..

Do you think IdN is interesting enough?

V: Magazine is kind of continuous design. I’d never say enough, otherwise it would never be improved.
C: I guess nobody feels their current moments are enough but I’m sure we will try to do our best.
B: Could be further improved.
F: I think IdN is interesting, but we still have room to develop, especially on some experimental works.
S: Enough.

What is the most interesting thing you want to do? And what is the craziest thought you have ever had?

V: Making one issue as Suicide issue, allowing contributors and readers to criticize IdN itself… It sounds so exciting to me but too exciting to my boss…
C: An issue that only has graphics and pictures (no text) but the reader still
understands the theme and what we want to say. (Yeah, no contributor, I guess it may be my less work issue)
B: The most interesting thing is to get your idea from imagination to real.
F: Open a shop selling interesting stuff beneath our office.
S: A Great Conference in HK. ( we will have a big announcement on our website, later on..)

What does design/creativity mean to you?

V: Design is making something different and interesting. Creativity is creating something different and interesting.
C: Creativity is thinking something different.
B: To “repackage” boring stuff.
F: Something trivial but impresses people.
S: Design is a communication tools. And it should have a “message” in any kind of design work. Creativity: playing Ideas.

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