THINGSText: Akira Natsume

The next is “MONSOON VOL.02” whose the great cover by Hirohiko Araki who dealt with ‘JOJO‘. The contents is also great and too deep. The sense of those that we can feel at the actual scene drives into my eyes with the aggressive text. The viewpoint is right and everyone who are involved with it are talking with certain confidence. I feel refreshed reading the texts. It make me think about a theory of my own. Everything is interesting as writings, especially the interview with Masahiko Asano and the article on Dragon Quest are quite interesting. If you’re not satisfied with magazines of today, you may feel something from it.

The homeground of ‘MONSOONKREW’ who causes a sensation in the mass media recently. It’s “MONSOON”. Thanks to everyone, we’re very busy because of some business trips and our homeground plunges into the next level with increasing speed. It’s not a sub-culture magazine. That’s none of the category such as sub or main. We think about the things we feel ‘cool’ and talk out. About our favorites, dislikes and things that stir up our curiosities… It’s equal for MONSOONKREW to have Mr.Hirohiko Araki who dealt with “JO-JO” design the front cover and interview with Skate Thing for APE. We know MIGHTY CROWN is cool, but we want to ask some questions to SUPER CAR. That’s all.

There’s been a flood of great projects in this issue! “Mr.DOB REMIX”; Mr.DOB by Ryu Murakami is remixed by Groovisions, Naohiro Ukawa, Skate Thing, ILLDOZER, 20471120 and Hiropon Hanazawa! The new creatures were born by their unique interpretations… “THE SOUNDS OF TAKESHI KUBOTA”; It completely covers all works by Takeshi Kubota who continues his journey started from KIMIDORI to the next level.

It’s a complete catalogue filled with loves… “DIGITAL CAMOUFLAGE CHRONICLE”; The interview with each designers of BEAUTY:BEAST and BATHING APE over an idea as digital camouflage!… and so on. Of course you can see the comments by a great master Hirohiko Araki. This issue is selling well than ever before so that we’re surprized. Is 1999 the year of MONSOONKREW? Is it OK? By the way, “MONSOON” is now on sale at the major bookstores in all over Japan! Must-check!

Price: 680 yen (without tax)
ISBN4-946515-29-1 C0095

Text: Akira Natsume
Translation: Mayumi Kaneko

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