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THINGSText: Ammon Haggerty

“The history of art is simply a history of getting rid of the ugly by entering into it and using it. After all, the notion of something outside of us being ugly is not outside of us but inside of us. We are working with our minds – trying to get them open so that we don’t see things as being ugly, or beautiful, but we see them just as they are.” – John Cage (taken from Radical Beauty)

Ours is a society whose environment is constantly being redefined by our own creations. Amongst the backdrop of a technological renaissance, we stand on the cusp of a new millennium, and with it, a new paradigm for living: forever changed will be the way we interact, behave and view the world. Consider Nick Philip then, the ingenue for our “techno- future.”

When I first met Nick, he was the mastermind behind the “conscious clothing” line Anarchic Adjustment. Anarchic was more than just a clothing company, it was a culture, a way of life and a message that anarchy was positive aspect of life and an integral part of creation. Nick was an inspiration to everyone around him with his seemingly endless source of creativity.

Radical Beauty is by far Nick’s greatest creation to date. The project took over a year to complete which involved countless hours of 3D modeling, animation, rendering, computer graphics, interface design, video production and a deejay mixed music soundtrack. The various sources of media seemlessly meld together into a deeply psychedelic mind-bending landscape -a journey into an underworld of intelligent surrealism.

The double cd, distributed by Om Records San Francisco, contains both a cdrom and a music cd which features a continuous mix of other-worldly soundscapes from renowned electronic artists such as T.Power, Mix Master Morris, Jonah Sharp (Space Time Continuum), Skylab, PFM, and Journeyman.

Text: Ammon Haggerty

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