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NEWSText: Aya Shomura

Okoimatsu "Changeable 3 times with trial listening only: the first time, to Lodon" 2016, oil on canvas, 1,120×1,455mm

Okoimatsu “Changeable 3 times with trial listening only: the first time, or London” 2016, oil on canvas, 1,120 × 1,455 mm

Okoimatsu‘s exhibition “Visible a little after someone #2” will be held at Cross Hotel Sapporo from May 2nd, as Machinaka Art X_edition vol.20 which has been held by the hotel and Clark Gallery + SHIFT. She is a Sapporo-based young artist who has been produced her works as an artist for 4 years after studying at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

Okoimatsu draws “the scenery of the city” with copying and transcribing lines of test-writing by someone at stationary. Trial writings collected in London will be the London landscape, and lines collected in Tokyo and Sapporo will be the Tokyo and Sapporo ones respectively.

A variety of aspects are seen on the line of trial writing as a motif, which were not even for showing to anyone and careless, and so it’s interesting. The shapes are similar to conscious and unconscious movement, action and cross of people that appears in crowded spaces, narrow back streets and huge terminal buildings, or to a life blurred.

This exhibition, including the latest series of oil paintings and drawings “Visible A Little After Someone” as a main, she will show about 20 works such as collages and sculptures. The integration of lines written trial innocently by people going to-and-fro might be appeared artworks as “something potential of the city”. The opening reception will be held from 19:00 on May 13th, at “Meet Lounge” on the 2nd floor of Cross Hotel Sapporo. No reservation and free admission, please order one drink at least.

MACHINAKA ART-X_edition vol.20
Okoimatsu Exhibition “Visible A Little After Someone #2”

Date: May 2nd – June 30th, 2016
Place: Cross Hotel Sapporo
Address: North 2 West 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Organized by Cross Hotel Sapporo (Planning department +81 11 272 0051)
Curation: Clark Gallery + SHIFT

Supported by Machinaka Art

Text: Aya Shomura

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