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NEWSText: Aya Shomura


From August 1st, Obihiro Contemporary Art 2015 “Minus-Art Exhibition” will start in Obihiro City. It’s the concept to reuse deserted houses and express them as an art space for contemplating “today” we live and thinking of excess, waste and what we lost.

Minus and plus can always be amplitude and include each other, and that you look to the minus is also to explore the direction of the plus. For this exhibition, artists will express freely something inspired with minus/negative motif, with stepping in various spaces such as rooms, hallways, stairs, the roof and machine room of the Hotel, the venue. Those works will ask you “many goods and information are as overflowing around us, on the other hand the rural areas impoverished and many things have been lost. Where is just fit happiness?” Participating artists are about 50 pairs such as Toshiya Kobayashi taking part in CowParade Niseko now, Toshihiko Shibuya exhibiting “White Collection” at Yuuki Sekiguchi Memorial Museum, Masaya Shirahama and Shinicihiro Akasaka.

During the exhibition, various performances, workshops and live paintings everywhere in Obihiro City. Obihiro is, as there are a bakery selling homemade yeast breads that has been opened recently and a shop popular foods using with wheat meal of bran, the extensive region of Tokachi food. In Obihiro, why don’t you imagine the “today” and “future” from various angles?

Obihiro Contemporary Art 2015 “Minus-Art Exhibition”
Date: August 1st – 30th, 2015
Opening hours: Depends on places
Opening party: 17:00-, August 1st
Place: Tokachi Salon ANNEX (20, West 2 South 10, Obihiro), Eki-Kita Multipurpose Plaza (West 2 South 11, Obihiro)
Organized by Obihiro Contemporary Art Executive Committee
Tel: +81(0)90-8908-3473

Text: Aya Shomura

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