PLACEText: Christina Merl

Today’s highest temperature was minus 8 with a wind chill factor of minus 15. I kid you not! Vienna looks like a Christmas postcard these days, with snow and fairy lights everywhere. This is exactly the time when things start taking on a sort of Christmas magic feeling over here. We love to stroll around in our city and the inviting scent of candied fruit at the numerous Christmas markets warms our spirit.

Though it wouldn’t be Christmas in Vienna without the city’s fabulous Punsch tradition. The delightful composition of liquor, sugar, citrus and orange peel, clove, almond pieces, tea and some strong spirits like brandy or rum make punsch a self drinker for the dark days of the year. Taste it if you haven’t yet and I guarantee you’ll fall immediately into the magic world of buttery rich vanilla scent, sugar cookies and loving mistletoe kisses… I myself am off skiing and wish you and your family and friends a wonderful holiday season!

Text: Christina Merl
Photos: Christina Merl

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