201˚ “ONIT”

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The Tokyo based interior and architectural design company Draft’s original brand “201˚ ” has released a new product named, “ONIT”. The brand is directed by an interior designer Taiju Yamashita who is a CEO of Draft.

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There is a way of working where you can communicate freely and share ideas, regardless of location. In such situations, we intentionally inspire something in direct communication, or consider a lot of opportunities for new ideas to be created through our thinking and collaboration.

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“ONIT” is a white board with a new concept that removed its conventional weight and office style design. The feature of the design is a fabric-covered frame, with embedded magnets, which can be used by sticking to a wall with a magnet such as a steel partition.

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Because it is less than 3kg, women can carry it with one hand. So the product is assumed that they can be quickly carried to places where they want to have a meeting and start meeting smartly, or take their written content to another place. It is intended to change communication practice in the office.

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Also, when using it without attaching it to the wall, a dedicated stand made of natural wood texture which is sold separately is also available. In addition to the detailed product information, the official site includes many case studies in some companies and others. New products will be released one after another in the future.

201˚ “ONIT”
Dimensions: W800 x D24 x H1300mm
Weight: less than 3kg
Contact: 201˚ official site

Text: Editor
Translation: Satsuki Miyanishi

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