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PEOPLEText: Miwa Yokoyama

You’ve also exhibited at Roppongi Art Night. What was the response from the audience like?

In our installation “Dreaming Frame”, visitors wander into a mysterious world of paintings and undergo various experiences. Participants have to think for themselves and take independent actions, so no two story is the same. By taking an action you’ve influenced the entire world, and consequently changed someone else’s story.
The experience takes approximately thirty minutes, but we’ve had requests for longer duration times and people praising it as the most fun installation at Art Night, so it’s proved of more entertaining than I’ve imagined.

As an engineer, you also work and produce various content at Bascule Inc., an interactive creative company. Could you tell us more about Bascule?

Bascule is an interactive creative company that crosses data, technology, and design with the aim of creating content and services that’s widely loved. The opportunities to carry out projects on immensely larger scales than ordinary is very appealing. Recently, we have developed Auditory AR for MONST’s “Alice in Madland”.

What technologies, systems, or mechanisms are you interested in right now as an engineer?

I’ve been interested in animatronics for a long time. The technology involves developing robots that move lifelike and covering them with fake skin to emulate real animals. I think it’s been used a lot in Hollywood movies. Guaranteed, with today’s impressive animation technology, it’s probably no longer commonly used.

Also, I’m really intrigued by Moment Factory’s Lumina series, which only recently debuted in Japan!
It’s been promoted as a magical gem-searching, interactive multimedia nightwalk. I think there’s a number of interactive digital content that’s spread throughout the forest for participants to walk through in order.
Not only are loads of digital content laid out consistently along the paths, but also constituting stories to be experienced simultaneously.

What are your plans and visions for the future?

I tend to rush through projects and haven’t created something to be truly proud of yet, so I’m looking to keep both feet on the ground while producing on a level of satisfaction only this team can achieve.
Installations, time-temporal interactive pieces, performance shows… each member wants different things, so we’ll be changing themes for every new project. We also plan to produce expansions of live painting performances (e.g. utilizing artificial intelligence and integrating theater and puzzle-solving) and continue building upon our roots.

Text: Miwa Yokoyama
Translation: Zhuoyan Li

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