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Emotions are amplified and everyone’s wishes are beautifully etched in our hearts.


An interactive creative company Bascule Inc. and Nippon TV have teamed up to completely update the long-standing Japanese tradition of Tanabata (Star Festival), digitally. Tanabatarium is an installation where everyone’s wishes become a visual experience. Tanabatarium opened in July in the Nippon TV Hall (second floor of the Nippon TV Tower).


Speaking of Tanabata, haven’t a good many of us unconsciously passed time writing down our wishes for the everyday pursuits in life and worked on small pieces to decorate the bamboo branches? It’s romantic to think of our wishes being sent up to the 2 stars for the one chance, once a year meeting between Princess Orihime (Vega) and Prince Hikoboshi (Altair).


Upon entering the venue, there’s a small room housed with a tablet computer positioned to record. Then using smartphone, you can write your wish through a specific website. Participants can enter eight at a time. We were worried what to write in front of each other. Because of this, I wrote down my second wish instead of my first wish, which I really wanted to let out…

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