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HAPPENINGText: Yasuharu Motomiya

Design portal site, CBCNET which provides information about art and design, invited active artists and designers from all kinds of fields to hold a creative event called, “APMT” (apartment). The event was filled with people from all over, telling us that people have a great interest in design and art and great anticipation for APMT.

The first presenter for this event Semitransparent Design has a characteristic that makes the best use of graphic and network technology. Their famous projects would be websites for Adam et rope’ and EPOCA. They explained the concepts and interlude about the web sites and T-shirts from their projects for the presentation. It was also very interesting to see one of their latest art book projects, which will be published soon. They took a picture of QR Code, and then they put this picture’s information into the computer to convert it, so that you could see graphics between the "QR code"

The next presenter was graphic designer Takeshi Hamada who has previously designed Shift’s cover and is the creator of Tigermagazine. He presented the course of “Tiger” which was based on one of the projects from the art college he went to in Germany, and also explained why it is very important to dwell on original layout when designing something.

Hatos/Normalization performed a visual presentation, and live drawing, as well as a song. The images on the screen showed their project on the table in real time, and at the same time those strange graphics from the live drawings created a smoky effect on the screen. The audience was into the mysterious atmosphere.

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