HAPPENINGText: Ayumi Yakura

For galleries in Hokkaido, it is important to attend this Art Fair. They are familiar to local people and also there is a chance to visit the galleries to know outstanding artists that they selected. In Hokkaido, apart from Sapporo, each city has its individual culture. We will introduce galleries attended from cities of Hokkaido from here.

Room 1310 Art Labo Kitafune (Obihiro)

In the room of “Art Labo Kitafune” (Obihiro), organized by artist Masaya Shirahama, there was a small picture frame which could fit in the palm of the hand being painted by a plurality of artists such as Sachiko Hasegawa. Yoshiko Yamamoto’s delicate glassworks incorporating lighting were fantastically shining in the bathroom. The photographer living in Obihiro, Yoshiko Yamamoto captured the “infinite landscape”, which is magnificent despite not the real scenery like Hokkaido, trying to reflect its abyss or universality with shades of black and white.

Room 1308 Gallery Mikaduki (Hakodate)

Gallery Mikaduki (Hakodate) is based on a space which was a warehouse more than 100 years ago. Yoshikazu Takihana is a heavy semi-solid work reminiscent of a rusted machine with aging, abstract painting in contrast with a vivid layer transparently, rough illustration of animals and buildings, etc.  Following last year, gallery exhibits works by Jun Ishikawa, sculptures of iron and wood by Coni as well as cynical and original adult picture book “Ghost captain and red mermaid” by Nobushiro Sumida. Candle works by Keiko Orikasa that expressed the moment of water flow were also exhibited.

Room 1311 Gallery Monma (Sapporo)

In recent years, Gallery Monma attended many Art Fair and introduced excellent artists from Sapporo, Hokkaido. Masayo Keizuka’s figurative works were sold out on the first day, and attention was also being paid to the director Keiko Oi. Erika Kusumi who created a digital collage of the surreal world only with actual materials photographed by herself. Makoto Ishii used the plaster printing technique for fresco in combination with silk screen.  Imaginary creatures are based on transparent watercolors and pale blue by Seiji Honda, soft texture doll works etc. and using Yuki Ikoshi‘s stockings as material… the room made us feel the theme of going back and forth between the world boundary and the real world.

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