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Martin Schoeller, Barack Obama, Portrait “Up Close and Personal”

As a matter of fact, a common thing you can take notice in these portraits is Schoeller’s lightning set reflected on the pupils of his portrayed faces – sometimes even Schoeller himself. He studied photography at Lette-Verein in Berlin and thereafter moved to New York where he acquired an impressive start off assisting American photographer Annie Leibovitz to later on work as a staff photographer in The New Yorker which lasted until 2012.

Martin Schoeller, Portrait “Identical: Portraits of Twins”

But “Up Close” is not about celebs only. There are two interesting sections. In one Schoeller works with detailed portraits of twins and triplets – which have been published on his art book “Identical: Portraits of Twins”.

The second one is a wall reserved for a series of female bodybuilders at the height of their careers. This is an opportunity for Schoeller to show off the power of his camera, and how light turns photography into sculpture. “In Female Bodybuilders, I try to capture the vulnerability that I can see and feel in the persons portrayed, to get in touch with the complex emotions behind the mask of extreme physical expression”, he explains.

Martin Schoeller “Up Close”
Date: October 2nd, 2015 – February 7th, 2016
Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00 (Till 23:00 on Thursday – Saturday)
Place: fotografiska
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Text: Victor Moreno

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