HAPPENINGText: Victor Moreno

Swedish photographer, sculptor and video artist Lovisa Ringborg (b. 1979) introduces “Mirage”, her first solo exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm. The show includes works from the last ten years and a new sculptural installation called “Stray Dogs”. Mysterious atmospheres, dreaming hues, poetic storytelling, abstract and symmetric imagery, parallel states of consciousness – as she likes to depict it.

The Mirage © Lovisa Ringborg

This is what “Mirage” is about. How dreams create a new way of seeing and experiencing your surroundings and your body. Although photography constitutes her main body of work, for this exhibition she added the artistic techniques of sculpture and video art to explore light, volume, the clash between reality and dream, the force of nature, perception, among other interpretations. She studied photography at the University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg. In 2019 she won the Swedish Book Art Award (Svensk Bokkonst)

In the basement of Fotografiska a teaser of the exhibition is screened recorded during the days Lovisa prepared this exhibition. A mirror-image symmetrical pattern does not look the same to one person than to another. People see different things and Lovisa explores the perception of art. In addition, she adds sound created by colleague Jonna Hultén for the video art piece.

Stray Dog, Lovisa Ringborg, Photo: Victor Moreno

The sculpture group Stray Dogs is a group of animals with a mythical vibe which renders an unsettling presence in the room, and also functions as observers. The skeptical dogs mediating between life and death, and in this case Lovisa uses them to channel humankind as an animal bred to be our companion, and as representation of faithfulness and companion. However, all this idea turns vulnerable and frightening by the fact they are scary. Here, dogs symbolize both the wild and the domestically side of us.

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