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MUSEUMText: Aya Shomura

The staffs of “MUSEUM,” which is the cultural complex to promote the current creative scene in Hokkaido, pick out and recommend the latest news in monthly selected from “MUSEUM STORE” at 1st floor is a select shop of lifestyle design focused on fashion, “SOUVENIR HOKKAIDO” deals in products can be purchased, for example artworks, CDs and books by Hokkaido artists, and “Clark Gallery+SHIFT” at 2nd floor promotes and manages artists as the only one commercial gallery of contemporary art in Hokkaido. You could get exclusive information like some events at only MUSEUM, don’t miss it! In addition, online store of MUSEUM STORE has launched, please check it out!


MUSEUM will have a special bargain for X’mas from December 1st to 13th, which is the cultural complex to promote the current creative scene in Hokkaido. During it, various low price products and wears of each brands will muster in one fell swoop, including art works. Why don’t you get art pieces in this occasion? Besides some exciting planning such as workshop will be held.


New series of ladder “tikka” will be released from kitote corsak. It fits flexibly to our life by rearranging the ladder to suit the purpose and space. Based on the ladder, it’s the furniture that can be arranged freely shelves, goods seat, black board and table “without using screws or tools.” Kitote corsak, with a concept as “new and nostalgic manufacturing,” is a Biei-cho brand stuck to making daily goods with woods around us. In Sapporo, MUSEUM will handle of the prior from December. Size: S, M, L


A Hokkaido-based singer-songwriter, Chima‘s latests mini album “The Winter Story” (A-CUE RECORDS) will be stocked at MUSEUM STORE. She was born in Osaka but moved to Hokkaido when the opportunity of college because she loves Hokkaido so much, and started her music career. Now she has done live performances throughout the country not only in Hokkaido. This album, two years release from previous “The Tone of Sky,” is recorded all the seven songs express the beauty and warmth of Winter with her voice and music as spinning the story. On November 15th, Chima’s solo live performance will be held in Sapporo as final of the “THE WINTER STORY” tour.


Till November 29th, Shu Saito’s exhibition “The Sensation of Forms” will start at Clark Gallery+SHIFT, in Sapporo. He is an artist, with teaching the art education in Sapporo, who picks up tiny noticed which is repeated in a landscape in daily life and rebuilds them with colors and forms. He says, “there are invisible things around us and in our daily life if we don’t try to look. This time, I will try to watch these forms from the side as the day-to-day shape.” For this exhibition, adding about 20 large and small works, he will exhibit some three-dimensional works with using the whole space of the gallery, such as the floor.


Clark Gallery+SHIFT “ART FAIR SAPPORO 2015”
Clark Gallery+SHIFT is pleased to present at Art Fair Sapporo 2015 in Cross Hotel Sapporo from November 22nd to 23rd. It will be the first international art fair in Sapporo. Artworks are cute and small pieces by Shuun exhibiting his solo exhibition “ANIMALS” at Cross Hotel Sapporo now, Folding screen works by Wabisabi and plane pieces by Hiroaki Suetsugu will be shown at our booth as expanding the monochrome world. In conjunction with the work of up-and-coming artists whom 20 galleries from abroad 12 cities male, please check in all means venue.

Text: Aya Shomura

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