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Victoria Czentner, or “Vicze”, is an artist. But above all, she’s an entrepreneur, a designer of her own way. I found her in the pages of a magazine, just before my Sunday nap. I read an article on her beautiful house and instantly got fascinated by her colors, shapes, vivid and organic creatures living inside her paintings.
Later I googled her and discovered more of her work. Finally, I met her and discovered why this adorable person is getting away with it: not only she’s got a soul, but she also knows how to express it.

Victoria Czentner

How did your career begin?

I used to work in the family business; my father sells carpets, curtains and eventually wallpapers. I worked with him for 13 years. When I finished school I began working there at the same time studying Beaux Arts. But I couldn’t do both. Later I studied interior design and I worked on the field during some time.

I always painted, since I was a child and in a purely self-taught style. I made patterns for my dad and grandfather.


A couple of years ago, some people began to see my work and asked for some prints. I had no idea of how to make them but I took some computer lessons and went for it!
At the same time, I rented a house next to mine, and use it as a workshop. Also we set up shows and fairs with other people.

So a couple of years ago I quit my family job. I started studying silkscreen through Internet, and then I made my first shablon! I made my first prints. Everything grew up fast. I painted 4 or 5 murals on the street, and I started to get some press. Soon I was selling my products with my own brand: Tienda La Playa.

Then I was called to participate painting murals for Metropolitan Center of Design and Women’s Day, and everything is getting faster day-by-day.


Why do you do what you do?

I believe it’s unconscious, it runs in the family. I love clothes because they’re basic. Also silk-screens because they’re simple and you can apply it to everything. One of the biggest gains of doing this is the people I get to know. You open to new friends and news worlds. New people bring great things to my life and I’m fascinated by it.

I feel like a child, surprised by everything. I’m always moving, things are different and new all the time. It’s a spiritual growth, above all. I also have a big organizational experience so I combine art and administration.


Wow! That very rare, to combine both abilities in one person. Tell me, which are the subjects of your work?

Well, I’ve been to Colombia and that trip was very incredible. Textile, colors, flowers and the whole jungle. Like the Garden of Eden! It’s spring all year round! Very green and wild. The color palette is very “Latin-American”. Color everywhere! I love plants and nature, gardens and curves. The rhythm of nature inspires me, also the fantastic, invented worlds. I try not to control my traces; I just let them flow subconsciously. I love my work place too because it has great energy.

Why the name “Tienda La Playa” (Beach Shop) ?

Because at first I shared the place with a friend and our dream was to live on the beach. Everyone loves the beach!


Which are your next projects?

I’d like to sell the fabric per meter, not just sell the products. I’m thinking of new designs and prints. Also more concrete projects. Right now I’m painting a mural in a bar in Palermo, it’s very challenging and fun.


What do you want to do that you haven’t done so far?

I’d like to return to ceramics, and pottery. I really miss it. I believe that you can’t do the same thing for more than 10 years. It’s great to tell my story and inspire others to do things. It’s great to help others to find their own way, just by telling your story generously.

And that´ works for me, because this interview is something else. It injects big energy and love inside of me. I want to do things, create, reunite people, and think about new projects. And right now, while I’m writing this article, I make a decision. I will find the magazine article and I will decorate my wall with it. I’ll let myself look at it every day and get inspired by every one of Vic’s steps. From her little prints to her giant murals, I will also let myself fall into these beautiful nature shapes, and let this life embrace me.

Her colors and her story will inspire me, and every time I doubt about my next step, I’ll follow her path and just let it flow. And go for it.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz
Photos: courtesy of Victoria Czentner

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