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Oozing with creativity, Melbourne design duo Perks and Mini (aka Shauna T and Misha Heollenback) spend their days expanding their artistic empire with fashion, books, installations, collaborations and artwork as well as sourcing new stock for their boutique, Someday.

Internationally renowned for their eclectic and cutting-edge clothing line P.A.M, the pair recently joined forces to create POP Eyes – a new line of innovative and unique women’s wear – and PAMBooks, a line of inspirational texts featuring work from the world’s freshest artists including Peter Sutherland, Ari Marcopolous, Susumu Mukai, Delta Inc., Eye Yamatsuka and SK8THING.

Taking time out of their overloaded schedule, P.A.M. agreed to a quick chat with SHIFT about design, escapism, strange new beings and Japanese style.

Perks and Mini
Perks and Mini at Someday

How, why and when did P.A.M start?

P.A.M. started as a love affair in 2000. Turn of the century, turn of tides, dawn of a new era, and a new love.

Do you have someone in mind when you design?

Yes, the people/beings we haven’t seen yet. Strange faces with strange auras. New forms, new races and new beings.


You’re huge in Japan, why do you think this is?

The Japanese love good times. P.A.M. is all about good times and freedom… We offer fun, escapism, color and a new sense.

What do you think of Japanese style?

Japanese style is cool when there is style. There’s a love of costume and culture, there’s a nice symbiosis of east meets west…a clash with harmony!

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