From its swinging sixties days to present, Carnaby street has stood out from central London as the crucible of the funkiest and newest trends.

Its twelve pedestrian streets are lined with boutiques, café’s, bars, yet in the midst of this, stands out the little gem, Lifestylebazaar.

Lifestyle Bazaar

The creation of team Laurent Nurisso and Chris Curtis, Lifestylebazaar aims to showcase the latest in design trends, materials, objects and an array of finely designed paraphernalia.

Their passion and flare for sourcing out the bazaar and beautiful objects of the design world has brought a variety of products ranging from furniture to pinhole camera’s, wallpaper to china.

Lifestyle Bazaar

Surprisingly, their collection is not restricted to the larger design studio’s, but has a genuine focus on including smaller studio’s, creating a mixture of objects which are not just fascinating, but will encourage anyone’s trued idiosyncrasies to express themselves!

Lifestyle Bazaar

Among the smaller designers, you find wallpapers by Elli Popp, the small London based studio designs a range of bespoke necromantic wallpapers of dazzling colours, with each design changeable to a customers requirements. Upon this backdrop falls the ceramic works of Andrew Tanner whose silhouetted decorative objects take influence from a world of eloquence, these would add a twist to everyone’s average fruit bowl or mug.

Lifestyle Bazaar

Some of the more established designers featured in their collection include the mysterious and fascinating series of animal headed trays from Ibride and their animal simulating laminate furniture! A range of the delicate iron work of Pulpo, it’s coat hangers and room dividers could catch any design-hungry-eye!

In spite of Lifestylebazaar’s modest size, its trove proves to hold a cornucopia of design delights, a true Aladdin’s Cave!

Address: 10 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7M
Tel: 020 7734 9970
Open: Mon – Sat 11:00-19:00 (Thu till 20:00), Sun 12.:00-17:00
Closed Christmas day & New year’s day

Text and photos: Aron Morel

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