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HAPPENINGText: Yoshito Maeoka

This is Neue Galeeie. The first thing I noticed was the wall was painted to mach with this event. This gallery normally called as “White Cube”, but this time they made it changed into a gallery as if they built before 20 century so that it can fit in the concept of Documenta.DSCF9026.jpg

Eleanor Antin, The Angel of Mercy, 1977

Based on European taste, the work by Juan Davila, which re-built with an evil taste, the documentation of Nightingale in early 20 century by Eleanor Antin, they are not shown to be historical. But it was like a quasi-historical experience in this distinct space.

Atsuko Tanaka, Calendar, approx 1954

The number drawing by Atsuko Tanaka which is very familiar to me, looked different when exhibited with artists like Nasreen Mohamedi. She was focused as one artist apart from Atsuko Tanaka as a Gutaiha artist, and the position of the work seemed like it was re-constructed.

Annie Pootoogook, 2003-2006

Speaking of drawings, there were especially many small works of drawings and photos. Annie Pootoogook developed a different approach as Inuit art which used to be introduced before as only bear or seal hunting. She drew what time there is like. The family is relaxing together as they watch a TV and the night life.

Nedko Solakov

An eastern European artist Nedko Solakov, who was introduced after the fall of “Iron Curtain”, showed us the monotone paintings with the sensitive touch and the theme of daily concern.

Alina Szapocznikow, Fotorzezba, 1971

Other works by Ck Rajan, which have a social theme of daily life and the process of globalization in India. In spite of that, it turns funny by creating an imbalanced collage. The impressive photos of “the sculpture” which was made by chewed chewing gum by Alina Szapocznikow asks us the meaning of “creativity” again.

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