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The internet specific publication “This is (not) a Magazine” released the 5th gorgeous Compendium “Who I think I am” with over 200 pages of new works, of which over 150 pages have been cut, sliced, diced, scored, folded and generally messed with then stitch-bound into a hard-cover with a giant laminated D.I.Y. paper scultpure as a dust-jacket.


This is also a sinteractive book where the reader is invited to complete Who I think I am with over 100 stickers, a How do Artist’s Live survey card, fold and read chapters, a bag of previously removed Compendia parts… including newly commissioned projects presented here for the first time, ever.

The new compendium includes the following:
200+ pages stitched and bound into a hard-cover
with a giant poster sculpture wrapped as a dust-jacket
+ 1 x laminated Shoboshobo Mask
+ 1 x full set of stickers for the “From Behind” sticker album
+ 1 x sticker-jam from Are You Generic?
+ 1 x bag of previously removed Compendia parts (for reader interactivity)
+ 1 x Mr.Fun postcard-sticker
+ 1 x bookmark (set of 4 round stickers)
+ 1 removed chapter “The World’s worst comic” by the Jonkers
(This “removed” chapter will be distributed separately in other locations/publications to be announced)
In an edition of 1444 produced with the world renown NavaPress Milano, and on the finest Sappi papers, hand-finished and heat-sealed in clear plastic film. The compendium measures 23 x 29cm (9 x 11.5″) and weighs approx. 1.2kg (2.6 lbs)

Featured artists:
Alberto Valgimigli – Alex Dragulescu – Andy Simionato – Angelo Plessas – Antonio Riello – Are You Generic – Brody Condon – Christian Neuman – David Shrigley – E*Rock – Guthrie Lonergan – Harry Malt – Hidetoshi Yamada – Jason Salavon – Jennifer Dalton – Jim Punk – Joanna Beaumont – John Rogers – Jon Burgerman – Junichi Tsuneoka – Karen ann Donnachie – Kevin Christy – Klaus Schmidt – Matt Smear – Mehdi Hercberg – MTAA – Nadin Ospina – Porous Walker – Rafaël Rozendaal – Raffaele Marmo – Renè Schmidt – Ries Straver – Sergei Sviatchenko – The Jonkers – the Reader – Tyra Von Zweigbergk – Will Ainley – Youshi Li

Compendium #5 Who I think I am
Published by: This is (not) a Magazine
Specification: above
Price: 26 Euro + S/H through purchases page
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