THINGSText: Naoko Fukushi

The third compendium from “Thisisamagazine” is most challenging in the series, both in the themes explored by the artists and authors, and in the technical challenges confronted in creating it.

A bumper hardcover compendium of 260+ (multi-sized) pages of original artwork created from Issue 10 to 13 of “thisisamagazine” online issues by over 60 artists working in and around the internet today and over 1000 pages of original online artworks have been transported to the book for the first time, through unique printing, folding, and binding.

No credits or titles are placed near the artworks themselves, promoting unexpected meanings and associations, independent of both the author’s and the reader’s expectations. Such is the dense interleaving of artworks that they decided to include 3 indexes, the first according to themes (following the online issues), an Index according to chronological order of artwork (for referencing the artists) and an index of artists (for locating artist’s work within both the Compendium and the online issues), and it enables you to enjoy artworks from various viewpoints.

Thisisamagazine 3 “Chaos Happens”
Specification: 23 x 29 cm, 276 pages (various sizes), hard cover, 4 color (+ 3 x spot colours on 3 x signatures)
Price: €29 + Shipping

Text: Naoko Fukushi

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