PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz

Suddenly it seems everybody is into jewelry. Fashionable pieces keep spreading around everywhere. In exhibitions it’s almost as if there was more jewelry designers than clothes makers. It must be so.
Actually, Fashion Buenos Aires is witnessing the growth of this trend and is encouraging it.

Having said all of the above, we need to introduce Irina Fiszelew, the girl that brings spirit into fashion. She creates a world for each collection, and has a concept behind her pieces. That’s what makes her work beautiful.
Irina shows her work patiently, she’s generous and loves connecting people. As if everybody was a little part of one of her pieces: they only make sense once reunited.
“I always work based on a concept of a collection”, Irina comments. “I want to find a language, a system and create a collection with the same idea”.

Irina is a graphic designer but she also studied stage scene, paper crafts techniques, piano and jewelry. She was looking for something else while working in an office doing scientific research.

During those years. her life became complicated, but finally she had her way and became what she is now: a professional jewelry designer. She graduated from the Jewelry Municipal School of Buenos Aires in 2001 and also studied with masters Sarkis and Pujia.

With the local crisis, Irina created her own brand and started participating in design events and exhibitions, such as Oma Design, Puro Disenio, Expo Trastienda and the last Fashion Buenos Aires in September 2006.
And she also began winning awards. The first one was at the Argentine Jewelry Designers Association. Her collection Playometry won the Design Industries Contest given by the Buenos Aires City Government.

“Jewelry designers are getting in touch nowadays and becoming a movement. We showed our pieces in Espacio Eclectico and created a group called Complices (Accomplices). The subject of our exhibition was “Memory”, for me it was a possibility to experiment so I tried new materials and decided to make something new. I worked on the concept of memory as a container so my pieces are circular and feminine”, tells Irina.”For me, this was a chance to take risks”.

She’s also been working for an exhibition which reunites both brazilian and argentine jewelers with pieces related to earth connections. The exhibition’s is opening in a few days so Irina is crazy with last minute work. “I really like doing this kind of group work because our work is very lonely”, Irina tells me.

One might think competition in this field is exhausting. One might think jewelers are jealous of each other. But that’s a mistake, at least for Fiszelew, who emailed every designer she knows to tell them about the Brazilian exhibition opportunity. To her, this is a sharing and playful experience, and she is enjoying it. We can tell by the look of her eyes and her pieces. We want to have them all, of course.

But we take one as a gift, and it’s the nicest gift we got lately.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz

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