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PLACEText: Yoshito Maeoka

From the collapse of the wall ten years ago to the present, it is said that the frontier of the Berlin art scene has moved to the area of Augststrasse on the periphery of the Mitte. Some commercial Galleries moved already to Holzmarktstrasse or Zimmerstrasse, as you know. Recently, an unexpected area came up. And it’s name is Wedding.

This area once belonged to West Berlin. The immigrants, who came over as labourers from Turkey or some other countries, live in the area and compared to other areas, there are few clubs and cafes, among other things, for recreation. People have a relatively strong image that it is a “poor area” to live. Therefore, rent is comparatively lower there. People renting there can push the merit, in that you can immerse yourself in art, a related organization has opened a new art space here. This is not a commercial gallery but like an increasing non-commercial art space.

Vorabzug Exhibition view

Now, the presentation, Cluster, based on the context of the situation, is managed by the artists. This art space opened in the same Hoefe (courtyard) as Guido Baudach’s and Max Hetzler’s galleries.

Vorabzug Exhibition view

For the opening of this space a management team of nine artists had group displays. For that occasion, the artists defined the framework like the followings:

To incorporate the art space “room” as one element of the work.
One part of the construction element of the piece must be made using specific materials.

The result, all the works appear to have unification next to one another, while including diverse elements. In addition there are individual works on display to gaze at. Some are artist production elements from backgrounds through to samples, and others are original ideas for works this space will have from now on.

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