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PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz

The Superestudio members are graphic designers, but they are also curious filmmakers who produce their own movies. And they also belong to a punk band. And they play awfully, but they like it so much. They embrace surreal; therefore they live their own lives like a surreal dream.

While the country was going through one of its worst crisis, Ezequiel Rormoser created a graphic design studio, along with Laura Doctorovich, the girl.

They began editing Superlab, an independent mag which combined modern aesthetics with interesting content and a superb packaging, different for each issue.
They stopped editing the magazine because “we are putting our non lucrative creative energy in making short movies and animation films, we’re experimenting”, Ezequiel says.

But the weird thing about this group is the combination of their commercial side and the anarchist side who fights against the system. They are building something which at the same time they want to destroy. They make videos with people expressing their anger against televisions, and they make movies of frustrated people who are not comfortable with their 9 to 5 everyday job, people who live their lives in hell.

Marcos Torres and Ezequiel Rormoser met while they were studying in college. They were friends and soon after that they became partners. Marcos works mostly in video and he’s studying filmmaking. Ezequiel studied graphic design, but he’s more of a self-taught.
It seems they’re having fun, always. Every time they showed something in a festival, they won a price or a mention. They talk about this in a relaxed pose, almost as if they didn’t care. “We need to work on our independent projects, if not, we couldn’t be working for trademarks either”, Marcos says.

“We want to change, we’re sick of doing always the same thing, we need to evolve and that need is what led us where we are right now”, Ezequiel affirms. “We started with design, and then we did animation, then motion graphics and short movies. Now we’re preparing another movie less abstract than our previous work. I think we could end up making a long movie. We may seem not quite able to specialize in anything in particular, but we can’t help it, it’s in our nature”.

Their influences go through op art to punk rock music, plus Spanish and French surreal movement, Bauhaus, David Lynch, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Marcel Duchamp, Luis Bunuel, among others.

Last year they showed the short film “Invertido” (Inverted) in George Melies XXIII short movies contest from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay and they won the third price. The film creates a surreal situation of a man whose life is full of contradictions, where dreams play often the main character.

Marcos and Ezequiel complement each other, apparently Marcos is more aware of the content of everything they work on and Ezequiel takes care of the shape. When asked about what they want to express, they agree on one thing: they want to produce “an abominable shock, a wake-up show, something irrational close to destruction, but based on good intentions”.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz

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