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PEOPLEText: Julio Cesar Palacio was a website done for Barcelona based accessory designer Cristina Paniagua. In 2005 the site won the Laus Gold for best promocional website.

The Premios Laus is an annual contest organized by ADG-FAD (Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers) in Barcelona, Spain.

The primary objective for was to make a visually impacting web site that gives complete protagonism to the designs made by Hiroshi Tsunoda. Also, it was important for the web site to have the evidence of the human touch and process to distance itself from any mass production or factory like concepts. The designs by Hiroshi Tsunoda are done exclusively by him and often are case specific. The final objective was to make the site simple to use and the content easy to find.

Aer’s aim is to lead and develop compelling concept based projects. They prefer to keep a small internal structure to maintain the liberty to choose the profile of incoming work while leaving room to persue non-commercial projects.

Aer – comunicacion visual
Address: 105 Zamora, 2-1 Barcelona
Tel: +34 933 001 678

Text: Julio Cesar Palacio
Photos: Courtesy of Aer

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