PEOPLEText: Jerome Lacote

It’s summer, it’s holidays time and it’s quiet. So I invite you to visit the 6um office. A few months ago, 6um moved of 500 meters and they are now at 36, rue d’Enghien. 6um is a graphic design studio, established in Paris for two years.They often worked on websites but now, their production is more various, they complete videos, artwork for packaging, print… etc

Currently, they finish their new portfolio online. This website is very simple and fun. It’s built as a magazine. Each issue of this website should show the current projects. The website is divided into two parts: the first area is the navigation. it interactively move up to show the website epitome and it move down to let appear the content area.

In the current issue, you can discover six projects. There’s a visual identity for a video games collection, a box designed by 6um for their client Take Two: this box contains a T-shirt, booklets, a poster and a CD-Rom. They also show a video about the video game GTA3, it was realized for a showroom.

Thus, they show their work about the fashion magazine WAD. At last, they present a website about the starmageddon website.

Eventually, you can browse into archives to enjoy past projects.

Address: 36 rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)14 800 9520

Text: Jerome Lacote
Photos: Jerome Lacote

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