THINGSText: Emanuelis Ryklys

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From the beginning Sutemos was communicating with different foreign and native artists/musician and as an outcome lots of different contacts appeared. It was the reason why “net label” was founded which was one more step further.

Sutemos are open to young/unknown electronic music creators. But the main release which could correctly reflect SSutemos concept with the help of music language is called INTELLIGENT TOYS. The idea to compile this release was born even before the appearance of the portal. A selected collection of foreign and Lithuanian musical tracks dwells with some industrial/electronic sounds.

Compilation was released February 2004. A bunch of IDM stars present a number of previously unreleased tracks. Here are some names: Sense, Tim Koch, Bauri, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Eesn (Esem), Lackluster, Proswell, Shnare.sys, Skardas.

INTELLIGENT TOYS are accompanied by a virtual collection of visual art. It was especially made for the Intelligent Toys. Authors of various photos/manipulations were creating art that reflects a doll/toy/child theme. Those works are like a body part of the compilation for they complete the music and fill in the empty toy making it orbicular.

You can find this and other Sutemos releases inside portal’s MEDIA section.
Have a nice listening.

Sutemos is a dynamical phenomenon and there are a lot of goals they want to be achieve in their future near that is why present format of Sutemos is becoming too tight. That’s why the series of parties were started at G-Lounge cafe (Vilnius) in spring 2004. And that’s why the “PASKESK SUTEMOSE” party presenting different Lithunian music and video creators should be renewed in the close future.

Now Sutemos is keep working on the second INTELLIGENT TOYS 2 compilation, which should appear in the autumn of 2004.

Text: Emanuelis Ryklys

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