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PLACEText: Emanuelis Ryklys

INTRO – established two years ago as a new and promising cultural centre at Vilnius Old City unique by its concept (a mucic club, bar, internet facilities and art gallery at one place).

This kind of concept is actually nothing new if we talk about the clubs outside Lithuania, but if we’ll try to take a look at other clubs in Vilnius – INTRO is really something different amongst them.

The mission of INTRO is to enrich Vilnius capital by providing modern quality music, visual arts and, video and multimedia for “young Lithuania audience”.

“Young Lithuania audience” could be define like people who are fresh minded, who enjoy new ways of expression and communication, who like different art forms and who stay and/or visit Lithuania.

Previously this place was printing-house and it retained it’s industrial/loft-style feeling, and now welcomes visitor with very minimalistic interior.

Club (as a concept) is probably, the biggest piece of INTRO cake. INTRO is proud not only of its DJ parties, but also of its live concerts. Events in the club varies from food/sound/clothes project “Workshow” to jazz infected “PressJazz” evenings.

And it’s all good! We can tell that the eclection drives this club forward. You cannot stick to one thing and try to work out everything from it, but you can be a really good at mixing up things.

Being young perhaps means being maximalistic for INTRO, because lots of world known artist already appeared on the stage of the club – Paco Osuna, Faze Action, Herbeat, Monolake, MK9, Daniel Bell, etc. That helps to develop Lithuania club culture in common. In the near future INTRO is planning to amaze its visitors with other quality DJ and group acts.

INTRO: gallery is the space for modern Lithuanian and foreign artists – the utmost examples of active, open, flexible, reflexive, novelty, original and creative art endeavors.

The artists at INTRO: are the wide range of individuals from “traditional” art practitioners (painters, musicians, writers, poets, actors, photographers, filmmakers, etc) to new art specialties (DJs, VJs, break dancers and other street style devotees, performance artists, media creators, designers of all kinds).

INTRO: gallery will be not full without art and culture theorists, historians, philosophers and the ones that will bring something unexpected and interesting. Something we did not yet manage or did not dare to think about.

During two years of INTRO gallery life lots of expositions took place there. Mostly from Vilnius Art Academy students, but with some international artists as well.

Address: 3 Maironio, Vilnius, Lithuania

Text: Emanuelis Ryklys
Photos: Emanuelis Ryklys

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