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THINGSText: Tim Spear

Along with the magazine part of the package is a CD sleeve, containing download instructions to access a collection of MP3’s which form an album by RadioBoy. Each track is made up of samples from everyday objects such as a McDonalds Happy Meal, the sun newspaper and ‘my granddad’s old black and white TV’. Furthering the concept of consumption, there is also a large poster which features reworked version of ‘the last supper’, where the apostles have been replaced by silhouettes of world leaders and heads of corporations.

This issue has a print run of 20,000, distributed in London, Paris, New York and LA, via art galleries, bookshops and larger newsagents, with a focus on specialist outlets such as Magma in London and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

FAD also hosts at least four events per year, plus Christmas and New Year specials. Events currently take place in London, Paris and New York, with additional US, European and Japanese venues lined up. Events feature a mix of music (DJ sets and live music) and art (exhibitions by up-and-coming artists, performance art).

FAD Magazine
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Text: Tim Spear
Photos: Tim Spear

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