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PEOPLEText: Sachiko Kurashina

The cover of this month was designed by Ten, (who used be a member of Delaware) based in Tokyo. He has been expanding his unique world in designing CDs and record sleeves, magazines, webs, etc using dots/pixels. His style makes us feel the modernity of Japanese taste. What is he looking forward to while doing the Ten-style?

Please introduce yourself.

I am Ten from ten_do_ten. I was born in Osaka and went to a kindergarten once a week only. I graduated from Musashino Art University and am living in Harajuku, Tokyo. I love Plastics and chewing gum. I am a crazy, bitmapped designer. CBND for short!?

You used to belong to Delaware. What was the starting point to working in that group?

It was about eight years ago when I was working at Saru Brunei at a part-time job. When I was dancing and singing like the Ramones, the members of Delaware found it funny and we became friends. At that time I started to work with them.

What sort of activities were you doing in Delaware?

I had a hope about a band. That band is the one that has got style, which is able to accept any mannerism, like Ramones, Plastics, Motown, Bill Evans Trio or DJ performance of Larry Leavan who has a cool “one and only” format style.

My main objects, while I was in Delaware for six years, were how to find such a “one format rock = one format design” and how to make the members understand that format. As a result, they thought that I am stubborn and made fun of me! I was responsible for art direction and designing. I was also a vocalist and a guitarist (but I can’t play, laugh). I made songs, too (but not so many).

Please tell us the current projects you are doing.

– Weekly release of ten_do.
– Recording of ten_do.
– Monthly release of “Eri’s Hidden Fashion Report” in a magazine called “Olive” and recording with Eri, the ex-member of Hajime Tachibana and Low Powers!
– Direction to NTT Docomo and Art Award poster.
– Illustrations for Gakken and Hanamaru Kids picture books
– Designing for College Chart Japan and CD sleeves.
– Animation support for so-net and monchat.

Why did you go back to the Art University after a job as a designer? Was anything changed by studying at the university?

Mmm… I was studying as I was working, so I graduated from the university after I got a job. I made many good friends in the university but I didn’t feel I was absorbing something from the university. This is because I found it difficult to have an interest in the subjects that the university provided.

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