THINGSText: Yoko Akiyoshi

What kind of peculiarity do you want to develop Water Planet as a medium?

I want Water Planet to be a live medium creating something new, not offering already existing information as it is.

How often will you publish a book? When will you publish the next issue?

We plan to publish Water Planet once a year and the next issue will be on sale in August 2002.

What do you think about the Japanese art scene including art books?

I think the art should not be far from our daily lives as an unusual thing but the art will penetrate into our daily lives in more familiar ways. This is actually what I hope.

Could you tell us noteworthy designers or artists in Japan?

Kunihiro Tsuji who made the Water Speaker is amazing.

Do you have any other plan or messages to the audiences?

We are trying to think something existing and put into practice more and more. Look forward to our fourth issue.

Water Planet
Booklet (Full Color 124P) and supplemented CD Single
Price 3,000 yen

Text: Yoko Akiyoshi

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