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PLACEText: Jean-Philippe Beauchamp

Here’s a quick guide to some of the places I found interesting in Montreal when it comes to shopping, eating, and partying. I’ve included addresses and the corresponding metro stations.


222 Ste-Catherine West (Guy-Concordia)
Personal favorite when it comes to imported electronic music.

Atom Heart
364B Sherbrooke East (Sherbrooke)
Small, but very good selection.

Cheap Thrills
2044 Metcalfe (Peel)


La Colombe
554 Duluth East
French cuisine. Won a award for its design.

3469 Park Avenue (Place-des-Arts)
My favorite Japanese restaurant. Feels really Japanese compared to other Japanese restaurants here. Very friendly staff.

La Binerie
367 Mont-Royal East (Mont-Royal)
Greasy Canadian breakfasts. Vegetarians beware.


4040 St-Laurent (St-Laurent)
Nice place to go out for a drink.

3956 St-Laurent (St-Laurent)

Bar Sherbrooke
290 Ste-Catherine East (Berri-UQAM)
Trashy cowboy karaoke bar. Cheap beer. Must see.

Of course there are many other things to see in Montreal, these are only a few suggestions. I didn’t include anything as far as where to shop for clothes as there are far too many shop and boutiques. A good place to start would be Les Cours Mont-Royal (1550 Metcalfe), where you’ll be able to find all the brand names.

Because the Canadian dollar is cheap compared to other currencies, Montreal is a good place to come for vacation.

Text: Jean-Philippe Beauchamp
Photos: Jean-Simon Laporte

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