PLACEText: Aki Ikemura

There are several shops with strong individuality in the 11th district located in the east side of Paris. For example, at a flower shop, you find rare plants that you have never seen and birds freely flying inside a shop that looks like a Zen garden covered with gravel. They also make a nice bouquet using tasteful plants.

There is the modernistic residential areas around the Centre sportif Candie by Fuksas in this 11th district, and it’s in splendid harmony with the old street that reminds us of long-ago times. The present and past are well mixed in this district.

The gallery called ‘Liliane & Michel Durant-Dessert’ is located on a little way off the rue du fg.St.Antoinne. It consists of two parts – a large clean exhibition space like the site of a factory, and a bookstore with a wide variety of books just as great as the Modern Art museum of the City or Jeu de Paume.

I often go this bookstore. Compared with the bookstores in museums, it’s cozy. One may take time in choosing books and it has a nice atmosphere that not many people know about. Let’s check out the latest art in France and Europe at this small bookstore. Also, do not miss the small section of ‘private publishing by young artists’. The exhibition itself only features leading and well-known artists.

Galerie Liliane & Michel Durant-Dessert
28 rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 4806 9223

Text: Aki Ikemura

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