PLACEText: Eduard Prats Molner

Extraraum is a gallery space hosted by Bildschöne Bücher. This singular space offers a clear concept in between gallery and bookstore and is located in the centric Brunnenstraße, close to where once stood one of the east Berlin’s borders.

View from exhibition space: exhibition meets the bookstore

Extraraum, the gallery, is a project by Extraschrot and features a new exhibition every 6 weeks. The exhibitions tend to be focused on young artists with a critical view on society.

25 books

Bildschöner Bücher offers a good selection of photography, arts, design and architecture books. The store features the project 25 books which consists of the following rules: a total of 25 books are recommended and showcased. Each week, two new books are selected and added to the recommendation list; while two previously selected books must leave. A recommended book shouldn’t last longer than 3 months within the list.
Additionally, there’s a closet containing a selection of last 3 years of 25 books.

Hall of fame: a selection of last 3 years of 25 books

Brunnenstraße is one of new Berlin’s gallery hubs and feels like the perfect location for such a place. If you are looking for a new inspirational book and you feel unsure; just stop by Bildschöne Bücher and take a look at the current recommendations while enjoying the featured exhibition at Extraraum.

Extraraum & Bildschöne Bücher
Address: Brunnenstraße 152, 10115 Berlin
Tel: 0179 7917759 (Extraraum)
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 18:00

Text: Eduard Prats Molner
Photos: Eduard Prats Molner

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