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commons & sense, a post card sized visual magazine, has been redesigned with its 5th issue, featuring fashion visuals, photos, illustrations and interviews regarding fashion and music.
With a wide range of take ups such as Keita Maruyama, Jean Colona, Nan Goldin , Mosquino, Renoma, KOOKAI, Suede and others, this issue gives pleasure to those who love Rock music and fashion. commons & sense was launched by Osaka-based magazine editors, photographers, make-up artists and fashion stylists.
Their motto is to highlight and support cosmetics brands which make a stand against animal testing.
You can not only read it and put the pictures on the wall. Available at cafes and bookstores nationwide.

More Info: Call CUBE 06-929-5030

Note!: The picture above is permitted by © CUBE / Korinsha.
Cover illustration: Ed. TSUWAKI
And you are not allowed to take any copies and re-distribute them.

Text: Atsuko Kobayashi for Spin!

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.
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