PEOPLEText: Wakana Kawahito

Where are you producing?

We have our atelier near Paris. Since we are not planning to produce massive quantity of clothes, our stock is very limited. A few items are produced per design and it is discontinued when materials and fabrics are out of stock. Having atelier close-by allows us to produce with a relatively short delivery time depending on orders, which is a huge advantage for an ethical brand like us.

0013 Seconde Vie Edition © Côme

Please tell us about the recent edition.

Côme Éditions has two lines: an embroidered jacket and Second Vie using upcycled fabrics that are no longer needed such as dead stocks or simple fabric of 30cm. So, patchwork technique is used to take advantage of fabrics. The concept is to upcycle materials highlighting a new value of existing materials rather than creating new waste.

© Côme

The embroidered jacket, a brand icon product, is collaborating with a NPO for women in Senegal. Please tell us about it.

La Maison Rose, a NPO for women in Dakar in Senegal, helps women who have suffered both mentally and physically, also the homeless due to domestic violence or sexual crimes. We outsource embroidery works to those women. It provides an opportunity for women to recover both economically and mentally. It is an important project that can be called the heart of a brand.

Is this embroidery custom made?

Exactly. You can order your favourite motif and words. It can be for a wedding or birthday gift for a friend. The most popular one so far is the word “Amour” (Love).

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