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PEOPLEText: Wakana Kawahito

Could you please tell us the unforgettable moment by the custom made practice?

We got an order from Emma Watson for International Women’s Day 2018, two jackets embroidered “Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights” and “Amour”. The photo of the jacket posted on SNS spread around the world and became a hot topic. I showed the photo to the woman who embroidered this jacket, and she was so proud.

© Côme

What are the difficulties in running your brand?

After all, production and quality control are the most difficult point. The embroidery work in Senegal is done by amateur ladies, so at the beginning, there are many mistakes and the quality did not meet our needs. I had to ask them to modify again and again. It was not easy. To improve quality, I sent videos and wrote detailed instructions via email, and eventually hired an atelier chief to educate for the ladies. As a result of the effort, the quality of embroidery has improved.
As a young small company, there are many problems every day. Even today, there are still problems to be solved. However, fortunately, my brother is a perfect problem-solver like “Swiss Army Knife”.

Côme Éditions Flasghip © Côme

Are there any difficulties to work with your family?

When we started the brand, we decided that we wouldn’t talk about business on weekends. Over the table. we put works aside and be back from business partner to brother-and-sister. It is a great advantage that we have absolute trust in each other. There are a lot of things that you can understand without saying, and you can talk anything honestly. I feel that this is very important to work as a duo. Also, I gave birth last year, through being a mother, my bond with my younger brother was deepened. It is surely our advantage that we help each other because we are family.

What are the characteristics of Côme Éditions?

The quick decision making, because we are a small company. Even when I started my embroidery project in Senegal, I flew to Dakar in mid-November to start talking to La Maison Rose. In December, I was promoting jackets to customers in Paris. The large companies can’t perform such intensive speed. The strength of Côme Éditions is flexibility and fast action.

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